About us

The X-AR team develops a comprehensive program to help Argentine SMEs to export their products and services.

We work together with companies that want to develop their business outside the domestic market, providing consultancy and information services.

In order to boost sales of Argentine products and services to the world, we offer consulting services to foreign buyers to provide them with certainty and reliability of local companies and product searches according to their needs.

We partner with you to offer independent services that will help you reduce risk, streamline your processes and operate in a more sustainable manner.

If you want to be sure about your suppliers and that you will receive the goods you had purchased, our suite of audits and others improvements tools and services can help you do all of that.

We look forward to be your strategic partner in Argentina.

X-AR Argentine Export Network

I want to export

Company´s general analysis of the areas that would be involved in the process and their capacity to suit to export.

Product requirements Adapt to the external market´s demand.

Fiscal requirements Accomplish the company to operate as an exporter. Tax advantages identification.

International Market:
Demand analysis, define price, Incoterm & sales conditions; buyer´s assessment, export logistics design.

Strategic suppliers:
Provides evaluation of customs suppliers, cargo agents, banks, insurance, certification, packaging, web designers, etc. Search of strategic partners that accomplish in price and efficiency in the export logistics with experience in the sector of the company.

Fairs and exhibitions:
Participate according an analysis of the sector, investment analysis and potentiality of the event.

Rounds of business:
Identify opportunities to generate meeting with potential buyers overseas.

Export Consortium:
Identify opportunities to export in conjunction with other producers.

Develop a Foreign trade department with qualified staff.

Participate in Cameras, Associations, Local Organizations that promote the export strategy.

Offer Training courses to the professionals that will be in charge of the project.

Foreign buyer

Oriented to outside importers in the search of argentine suppliers:

Suppliers audits.

Search for local products according customers´ requirements.

Customs consultancy.

Logistics consultancy.

Packaging consultancy.

Certification requirements.

Coordinate meeting with local suppliers.

Production audits and pre shipment inspections.


Purchase Agent.

We look forward to be your strategic partner in Argentina.
X-AR Argentine Export Network


Exportation of services

The Services Export Consultancy is oriented to Argentine companies and professionals or residents of Argentina who wish to offer their services overseas.

Covers advice in Company or via video conference in the following topics:

Customs: Interpretation of the definition of service exports. Reaches.
Accountant: Register the company / professional as an exporter of services according to requirements in AFIP. Type of billing required as the case may be.
Tax: Analysis of the invoicing on Income Tax, VAT, IIBB, stamps, debits and bank loans.
Export rights.
SMEs Benefits. Analysis of taxes in countries of destination and tax double taxation agreements.
Financial: Evaluate payment methods and their benefits. Bank transfer, bitcoins or PayPal.
Commercial: Communication strategies with potential client. Models of commercial contracts.
Strategic: Fairs / Exhibitions participation according to the service sector is offered.

The advice can participate up to 5 members of the company or group of professionals.

The objective is that the professional understands the implications of operating abroad and knows the costs its involved.